The American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan - 5 Year Plan

AFB PMP - DRAFT 5 Year Plan

We are seeking your comments and thoughts on the initial draft 5 Year Plan to eradicate American Foulbrood from New Zealand.

Version 1.5 of the draft 5 year plan is attached here for your consideration.
The latest version 3.7 can be found here.

Introduction to NZ legislation

New Zealand has had legislation to control AFB since 1906. The most recent change in that legislation occurred in 1998, when the Biosecurity (National American Foulbrood Pest Management Strategy) Order was passed into law. The Order established an American Foulbrood Pest Management Strategy (AFB NPMS) under the Biosecurity Act (Appendix 1). The Biosecurity Act allows New Zealand agricultural industries affected by a pest or disease to determine their own goals and strategy for its control, and to use legal powers to ensure the strategy is carried out.


The plan

In the case of AFB, the National Beekeepers’ Association (NBA), the main representative organisation of the beekeeping industry, developed the AFB NPMS, and went through the process of having the strategy approved by government. The Management Agency for the AFB NPMS is the NBA. The NBA has the statutory responsibility to implement the AFB NPMS, which comprises a range of regulatory and educational programmes (including this website). The NBA also funds the strategy, using income generated from a mandatory levy on apiaries and beekeepers.