Do You Want To Get Your Sample Tested At The Lab?

If you think your hive has AFB but you are unsure, a free laboratory testing service is available to all Levy Payers.

First call your local Apicultural Officer
 Byron Taylor or Tony Roper
 (Toll Free 0508 00 11 22)

After discussions with an Apicultural Officer, if it is decided to do a Lab test, please:
1. Collect a suspect brood sample with a toothpick or match (with head removed first) and place it in a small jar or plastic bag.  (Please include your beeper registration number and apiary number with the sample so that it is known where the sample comes from.) 

2. Keep this brood sample in a freezer to keep it fresh until you are ready to send to the Apicultural Officer.


3. On a suitable day, courier the sample to the Apicultural Officer so that he will receive it on a weekday to avoid the sample sitting in a courier’s depot over a weekend.


4. Once the Apicultural Officer receives the sample, he will prepare a Lab submission form and notify the Lab that he is sending it to them.


5. Once the results are known, the Lab will send you and the Apicultural Officer results of the test. 

Byron Taylor
AsureQuality Limited
31 Norman Hayward Place
Te Rapa

Phone: (07) 850 2867  Mobile: (021) 918 400

Tony Roper
AsureQuality Limited
11 Hull Road
Mt Maunganui
South Tauranga 3149 

Phone: (07) 574 2596 Mobile: (021) 283 1829

Inspecting a hive for AFB


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