AFB Recognition Test (via Proctor)

The AFB Recognition & Competency course test can be sat cold without attending a course if the candidate feels they know the subject.  If you have any queries regarding sitting a course via Proctor, please contact Janette Gwilliam at

You will need to:
 Obtain and read/study the AFB Manual, "Elimination of American Foulbrood without the use of drugs" 2nd edition. Known as 'the yellow book', available from beekeeping supply stockists and the Apiculture New Zealand - click here to go to the online shop

Study the competency photos as these will be in the test and all questions relating to these photos must be correct.  A copy of these photos can be found here.  Also please study all the links on our website relating to AFB, symptoms, progression, spread etc.  

Once you think you are ready to do the test, then you contact a Proctor, i.e. Minister of the Church, local librarian, school teacher, Justice of the Peace or your local AFB tutor, but not another beekeeper. Arrange a time and place convenient to you both. Then you contact me again with the information filled in on the application form below. You must make your payment in time for it to show in our bank account prior to taking the test.  There is a $50 fee for the test paper to be produced.  If you have previously attended a full course but failed the test, there is no charge to sit the test again via proctor.

 I will send the test paper to the Proctor, you do the test at the appointed time. The Proctor returns the paperwork to me in a stamped addressed envelope. I mark the paper and send you the results. If you have passed the test in the reply envelope to you there is an application to obtain your DECA. You fill this in as to how you would deal with AFB in your beekeeping business and return it to AsureQuality. AsureQuality will process the application and advise you of the outcome.

You will need to complete the form below.